Plantronics Voyager Legend: What a Great Bluetooth Headset


If you want a suggestion to Bluetooth headsets, I will surely recommend this for truckers.

Do you want to buy a headset that compatible for android, iPhone and other Smartphones? Then, buy Plantronics Voyager Legend, because it should meet all your needs on the headset and offers a lot of features.

Features of Plantronics Voyager Legend

Are you asking why I need to buy this headset? There are so many reasons to buy this headset and some of those are in terms of features of Plantronics Voyager Legend headset.

1. Smart sensor technology

The smart sensor technology automatically directs the call to your mobile phone when your hearings songs and as well as pause the song when there is an incoming call on your phone. So, you no need to stop the music and attend the call.

2. Automatic call pickup

When there is an incoming call on the idle stage of the headset, simply wear and talk with a person, because of it automatically pickups the call to speak.

3. Voice recognition

The voice recognition technology used in the headset allows you to manage the calls in a hand’s free manner without using buttons. So, you can say either ‘answer’ to attend the call or ‘ignore’ to cut the call.

4. Noise-cancelling technology

A noise-cancelling technology used in the headset avoids noise on the background and as well as separate your noise from background noise.

5. Water resistant

In addition to that, this headset makes uses nano-coating technology that protects your Bluetooth headset from sweat, rain, water, coffee and other liquids.

6. Package includes

The package of Plantronics Voyager Legend headset includes Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset, wall charger, USB charging cable, three ear tips, foam covers, and quick start guide.

Final words

You can use this headset at gym or office and get one year limited warranty for this headset. Therefore, if you need a wireless communication at anytime and anywhere, then I recommend you to buy the Plantronics Voyager Legend headset.

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User Reviews

Daniel P. Winawer – I was obviously very annoyed with myself but remarkably. It might be hard to believe, and perhaps not typical but this is a true story. I accidentally left it in my pants pocket and put the pants in the washing machine. Then I put them in the dryer. When I opened the dryer, I found my headset. I was obviously very annoyed with myself but remarkably, I turned it on, and it lights up. First good sign. I connected to my phone, and made a test call, and it still works perfectly and still charges. Well done Plantronic’s a full wash and dry cycle and it still works.

H. Mill – The best I have tried. My 4th one of similar Plantronics voyager series. Love them, they don’t look pretty but they work!, Lost 2, one wore out by the bend just above the plastic post, but in a pinch and with some scotch tape is still usable while waiting for a replacement. Have never had a complaint from people I know who also have one. Great for car, outdoors and hands-free when on the phone while using your computer or making notes.

Dwight Copeland – Plantronics has won me over. Very comfortable behind the ear unit; earpiece is unobtrusive; good reception; clients tell me that the background noise has dramatically decreased since i switched from Motorola unit; charge/talk time lasts all day. No need to talk loudly; boom is sensitive to voice yet keeps noise about you at minimal levels so my clients hear me not chatter around me.

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